Company History 
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Myagky Son


1900-1960 Beginning


In 1900, the merchant of the Moscow Guild Herman Y. Rosenblum obtained a permission to build a factory for the manufacture of artificial fur in Balakhna district of Nizhny Novgorod province. Factory was built and started up July 10, 1900.


The decree of June 28, 1918 nationalized the factory. It had stayed in the rental use of G.Y. Rosenblum.


The company was renamed to the Factory of artificial fur named after Kutuzov. There laid the foundation for the production of cotton cellulose.


During the Great Patriotic War the factory was completely focused on the manufacture of cotton cellulose, which was used for the production of gunpowder.

1960-1980 Soviet period


The factory was called "October" of the Ministry of Defense Industry of the USSR (p / B-2718)


There was organized a department for the production of consumer goods - quilts. Older and middle generations are well known to those quilts - satin top and satin on the bottom side, with a cotton filler.


Products of the company were very popular with customers, and the production had required to be expanded. By 1975, the level of production of quilts reached 150,000 pieces per year.


There started the production of a mattress covers on the batting and quilted bedspreads. The range of the company has been steadily expanding.

1980-1999 Perestroika. Conversion.


In the early 80s, the company has mastered production of quilted bed covers at Riga technology. Factory has manufactured lightweight bed covers with a quilted pattern and frill around the edges. There produced 100 000 products per year.


There set semi-automatic quilting machine «Matramatic». This machine was used for production quilts. Quilting machine head moves with high precision that allows to achieve the best results at a sufficiently high yield products.


By the end of 80's production capacity has reached 200,000 pieces per year.

2000-2009 Transition to a market economy.


In 2000, the company implemented a strategic step: with the transition to a market economy, there was founded the company "Myagky Son" based on the department №5 of the factory "October" - a modern enterprise focused on the development in the new market conditions, with a new approach to the management and production.


There installed new European equipment including automated quilting machine «Meca». There has been developed production of quilts, pillows and mattress covers, and delivery of them to the Nizhny Novgorod market.


The company "Myagky Son" was awarded the medal of the competition "500 the best enterprises of Russia" and was included in the Business Register of Enterprises of the Russian Federation.


There were signed contracts with major distributors in Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk region, Samara, Saratov and other regions of the Volga Federal district.


There has been formatted our own fleet, purchased trucks to deliver goods. There have appeared new high-lockstitch machines.


Company has been awarded with diplomas 17 quality products "Myagky Son" in the competition "100 the best goods of Russia".

2010-2014 New level, new opportunities


There have greatly expanded the range of blankets and towels. The company have started sales of quilts line “Veroni” and “Virginia”.


There have equipped new warehouse, which increased the logistics area of the company more than twice.


The company "Myagky son" have become a Federal provider of the Post of Russia. Products "Myagky son " have been implemented throughout the Russian Federation via the post office.


There have opened a chain of stores in Nizhny Novgorod under the company name of "Home tradition". In addition to the goods of own production, you can buy products of famous textile companies.


There have renovated Park of main production equipment; installed new European line for the production of quilts and pillows, which have increased the company's production capacity by 65%.